Artificial Grass, Synthetic Turf Dog Runs and Kennels.

Let’s face it. Dogs (and kids) are tough on grass. They’re always running, digging, and urinating on the grass, causing it to turn brown and die, which in turn causes huge ugly, muddy patches right in the middle of your beautiful lawn. They’ll roll in the mud, or eat the grass itself, and this can lead to messy, inconvenient, AND expensive problems.

Iconic Greens & Turf’s artificial grass dog runs or pet-friendly backyards help eliminate many of these problem behaviors, as well as reduce expenses in correcting the problems.

Our Pet Turf installations utilize a unique backing which allows for water to easily flow through the turf, reducing pooling when it rains, and dramatically reducing pet odors. All that needs to be done to clean up and refresh the yard is to pick up any debris, and hose it off thoroughly. Your grass will spring back to life and remain beautiful for years to come.

Iconic’s artificial grass is much more durable than natural grass turf. It can withstand the day to day usage of even a heavily populated doggie kennel. Our super-durable turf will hold up to dogs claws much, much better than natural grass will, and regular wear and tear won’t cause the artificial grass to die or sustain damage. Running, playing, jumping, or laying in one spot for hours at a time can really take it’s toll on natural grass. Our artificial grass is made to survive through heavy use, and this includes all of a dog’s daily outdoor needs.

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